Learn a Musical Instrument With Your Hearing Aids

Many people worry they won’t be able to practice or learn to play music with a hearing loss. But the fact is your Bluetooth hearing technology can actually be a great tool! There are countless apps out there to help you learn or practice nearly any instrument.

Your own choice of app will depend on your needs – whether you’re just beginning to play piano, or want to learn some new songs on the guitar. I personally use the Ultimate Guitar app when I want to learn a new song on my acoustic guitar. It has chords and tabs available for countless songs. A great feature it offers is allowing you to listen along while you play. For example, when I’m having trouble with a particular strumming pattern I can listen along to the song through my hearing aids while I play (currently it’s that tricky little flourish on the chord transition in Heart of Gold. I’m admittedly a very novice guitarist). You can also just play a metronome through your hearing aids if you’re more advanced than me.

Explore the apps that are available for your needs and let me know what works best for you. You don’t even need to necessarily use an app – your Bluetooth hearing aids are great for streaming the massive number of educational videos on Youtube while you play along.



Here’s my phone screen while I’m attempting to strum with Neil Young. I can hear the guitar clearly and follow his patterns easily!


I can also access the chord library and hear exactly how every chord is supposed to sound, clear and crisp through my hearing aids.


And finally, to help with my very bad rhythm skills, I can set the metronome to keep me going at the right pace, hearing it easily through my ears.

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