The Slide that Every Presenter Needs

I’ve been to a number of audiology-related presentations in the last few months, and while many presenters are very good about ensuring that their messages are able to be heard by everyone, no one is perfect. Therefore I propose that all presenters, especially those in audiology, add this slide to their presentations: Presentation1.jpg

Bonus thought: Asking an audience “Can everyone hear me ok?” is pretty much useless. The people sitting closest to you that you are most likely to see are obviously going to say yes, and those in the back or those with communication limitations will be hesitant to speak up. Instead, try asking everyone to close their eyes and only raise their hands if they can hear you well. I’ve never seen anyone actually do this in a big crowd but I’d bet money that way more people would admit to having difficulty hearing when the method of feedback is more anonymous.

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