Updates for 2017

Hey all, thanks for your continued reading and support. No big write-up today, I just wanted to update a few things going forward. This fall I caught a pretty good wave of productivity, with two blog posts a week for a while there. From now on, you’ll probably only see one each Monday as I get busier with school and other stuff.

As well, you might see the topic of this blog change a bit. I’m going to try to blog less about advocacy. There are already lots of great bloggers out there working to raise awareness and compassion around those with hearing impairments, and I feel like I don’t have much more to contribute on those topics. Instead, I’ll probably write more about the business and technology sides of audiology and hearing science, which I am more passionate about, especially in the context of the changing industry that exists now. I have a few exciting ideas and projects coming up and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

All the best in 2017 everyone!

(P.S. If you’re a member of Speech-Language and Audiology Canada, please remember to vote in the current board of governors election. I’m running for Director-Student and would love your support!)

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