Sleigh Bells Jinglin’, Hearing Aids whistlin’

There are few sounds that trigger as much excitement in me as jingle bells. Whenever I hear them my heart skips a beat and I’m taken to the hall of the small town I grew up in as Santa would enter for the annual Christmas event (called “Santa Days” of all things – even though it was just one day). I’m super thankful for my hearing aids and the audiologists I had growing up for this memory.

And just as Santa would jingle when entered a room, sometimes I find myself making a racket too. In my case however, its whistling. I have a habit of tossing my hearing aids in my backpack or pocket when I’m using headphones or just trying to study in quiet. I’ve been in more than one situation where I’ve seen people’s eyes darting around to find the source of an unfamiliar sound only to realize its me.

The worst instance of this was sitting in the back of a classroom before an exam cramming with 40 other students. For over 20 minutes people’s eyes kept darting – up, down, left, right. This was a weird room, that often had sounds coming from pipes and vents, so I didn’t think much of it. I was cramming pretty hard myself. Eventually, when I finally connected the dots, pulled my screaming hearing aids out of my backpack and placed them on my desk, the whole class laughed rather good-naturedly about it.

Anyways, happy holidays everyone!

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